Middle School Basketball Game-

Since the Indiana small town I grew up in didn’t have a football team, the dominate sport was basketball. My friends and I always made sure to attend every game. When I was at the biggest game of the year in 7th grade, the rivalry game, I barely watched any of it. Why? Probably because of some huge middle school gossip story that all the girls couldn’t stop talking about. That’s when it happened. Mid- sentence and totally zoned out, I took a basketball to the face. Half my face stayed red for 20 minutes after that. Of course because of that I forced myself to watch the games and absolutely fell in love with what’s my favorite sport to watch today. 

University of Louisville Basketball Game-

Last year my sister scored me tickets to a Louisville basketball game. Excited that I would get to be in the student section with my brother, I tried to be the least embarrassing little sister I could. He wanted me to have a good time so we tried to get as close as we could to the court. When seats opened up three rows down we took it as an opportunity to get an even better view. I followed my brother as we went down the seats instead of going down the steps. With the final row of seats we had to climb over I felt confident enough to do it without holding onto his hand for support. With that being said and regardless of my plan to not embarrass him, I put my foot in the wrong place, fell down off the step, spilled a guy’s drink all over me and hit the ground. 

University of Louisville Football Game-

About a couple weeks ago my little brother and I went to a Louisville football game. Before the game started the announcer asked everyone to stand up and honor our troops- or so I thought. Instead he said for the troops to stand up and for us to clap for them. When I realized I shouldn’t be standing it was too late to fix so I remained standing until everybody else sat down. 


Smiling Changes Everything


ImageHave you ever had a bad day and nothing seems to work out for you? Chances are you are in the worst mood. A quick and easy fix to all that is actually quite simple- smiling. Something about smiling makes your whole attitude start to lighten up. The expressions on the outside most times reveal what is on the inside, so when you smile it makes your brain and body think you are happy causing you to feel a little better. My sister Haley, a sophomore in college, once told me everyday once she wakes up she smiles. Whether it was fake or real she would smile and start her day in a positive way. Haley is also one of the happiest people I know. Even if it’s forced, a simple smile could potentially change your whole day, so don’t hold back.





Weighing between 5.5 and 11 pounds, the quokka is the world’s happiest animal. A quokka is about the height of a cat and is the only member of the genus called Setonix. The quokka was discovered in Australia in the late 1600s. You can find most quokkas roaming around the west part of Australia on Rottnest Island. Although fined if you pick up this adorable animal, the quokkas are extremely friendly, especially towards humans. Because of the harmlessness they are classified as “Vulnerable” with bobcats and other threats around. Despite that, quokkas are almost always smiling, making it impossible not to smile back.  So whenever you are feeling a little blue, google the quokka and feel that cheesy smile come on your face.Image